FirstSurge Commercial Class SPDs For Your Home

Not long ago, we turned knobs and dials to change TV channels or set wash cycles. Now, we’re in the Internet of Things (IoT) era where homeowners are increasingly reliant upon connected devices. To ensure these devices ‘just keep working’, today’s home requires constant surge protection. Knowing when a surge protector needs to be replaced is the KEY to remaining protected. This is why we developed FirstSurge, our commercial class total home surge protector.

Installed at your load center, FirstSurge will stop surges before they get into your home. FirstSurge offers three grades of robustness to ensure long operational life depending upon the storm activity where you live.

The key to remaining surge protected is knowing when a surge protector needs to be replaced. The gap of time between a surge protector wearing out until it is replaced is the time when your home is vulnerable to being hit by surges.

When FirstSurge wears out, its commercial class 3-stage notification diagnostics immediately alerts you that it needs replacing. This type of notification results in a far shorter Mean Time Before Surge Protection Restoration (MTBSPR) when compared to standard whole house protectors equipped only with LED diagnostics. Knowing you’re surge protected with commercial class protection gives you peace of mind that your smart appliances and electronics will always be surge protected.

Make Siemens FirstSurge the first surge protector installed into your home.